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After the Fire

October 16, 2017 — October 2017 will never be forgot in Santa Rosa or Sonoma County or really I think California. My website designer used a photograph of the Round Barn as a nice Santa Rosa landscape for my location. Now, the Round Barn is gone, the Hilton is gone, the Fountaingrove Inn is gone, the Equus Restaurant is gone. That’s just in our little corner of paradise.

It doesn’t seem like we’ll ever get back to normal, and I believe we won’t, at least not what normal used to look like. As I write this my office at Round Barn Boulevard still stands but buildings cannot be occupied. Phones are not working. Email me at rk@richardkoman.com and I will call you back.

What do we do? For the most part we sue landlords. We specialize in tenant rights, habitability/mold cases, eviction defense, etc. I have worked with legal services orgs like California Rural Legal Assistance and Legal Aid of Sonoma County, as well as other plaintiffs’ lawyers in Sonoma County.

We also handle contract and business litigation. It will be a while before this practice gets back to normal, just like it will be awhile for you. And the fire will create vast new concerns where tenants and consumers need protection. We’ll try to be available to address those issues as well.

We work on hourly and contingency fee agreements, depending on the nature of the case. For tenant cases, you’re encourage to call (eventually) or send an email and we’ll speak on the phone. If it seems like something we can help with, we’ll schedule a site visit of the home.

For business cases, initial consults are billed at a flat $50 fee for a half hour consult, after which standard rates apply.

If you were affected by the Fire, all my best in getting yourself whole again.


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Richard made a very bad situation much better by being a total professional and very easy too deal with. He was also very fair with his billing, and worked very hard to keep it under control. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a good Lawyer.

Gene June 6, 2017

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