He helped with a bad situation

4.0 stars
Posted by Deborah
February 12, 2017

I had contacted other lawyers about my case and decided to hire Mr. Koman. I am not sorry I did. Though we are not done yet, I am happy with the progress.

Calm, Confident and intelligent

5.0 stars
Posted by Sarahbeth
February 2, 2017

Richard Koman is representing my horseback riding company in a despite against the lard owner where my business has been since 2009. The owner of the property has been very difficult for me to deal with on my own. Richard is incredibly good at his job, easy to work with and is diligent in confronting problems. I am happy with he progress we are making and would highly recommend him.

A truly easy and helpful experience.

5.0 stars
Posted by Alex & Laura
June 12, 2015

We needed help with a situation that was far beyond the scope of our combined knowledge. Richard not only helped us but went above and beyond our expectations! In a time when I was struggling to find an attorney willing to help us trouble shoot our options, Richard not only agreed to help, but did so in a timely and kind manner. We could tell that he had a vested interest in our success, and though it is plain that for an attorney things like this provide their daily bread, it was never overtly felt that it was only about the money, rather that there was a shared sympathy for our situation and a strong desire to make right for us what we couldn’t have made right on our own. The issue was resolved faster than we ever would have hoped and we have been allowed to exhale a sigh of relief and finally move on with our lives. I would highly recommend Richard. As this was our first experience with needing legal counsel and our experience was heartening and left us with a very strong opinion that Richard Koman is not only well versed in his chosen field, but also in it for the right reasons and above all else a human being providing a much needed service within his area of expertise.


5.0 stars
Posted by Mark
October 11, 2013

When my landlord gave up rights to future claims in court. She then tried to get a few thousand dollars out of me threw her insurance co.. Richard reviewed the courts ruling and with a single letter. i have never heard from them again. If your rights are on the line in a landlord tenant issue. Richard Koman with protect & defend you with the law.

A pleasure to work with!

5.0 stars
Posted by Gene
September 23, 2013

Richard made a very bad situation much better by being a total professional and very easy too deal with. He was also very fair with his billing, and worked very hard to keep it under control. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a good Lawyer.

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