$999 bankruptcy for Sonoma, Lake, Mendocino debtors

Wipe out your credit card debt!

When the credit cards are mounting, and the income is not ... when things have become clearly unmanageable ... it may be time to consider bankruptcy.

For many consumer debtors, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which offers a complete discharge of debts is the way to go. 

In some cases, Chapter 13, which is essentially a payment plan, makes sense if you want to keep a home. 

Once you've made the decision to seek bankruptcy protection, the question is which attorney should represent you. If your case is simple, or you feel OK with minimal contact or support, go for a 'mill.'  You'll never meet your attorney until you show up for your trustee examination (maybe not even then.) 

If you want support, if you want to know the attorney will go the extra mile to figure out your situation, return your emails, and explain the intimidating process and provide counsel, talk to us. 

So ... how much? It all depends on your situation, but most people should expect to pay $999 plus filing fees of $335 and the modest fees to take your education classes. 

For Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino, visit our Santa Rosa offices. 

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